SharePoint 2010 list items: re-ordering.

Oh how I have missed you SharePoint. In my past as a Software Engineer, I had a nice experience with helping deploy SharePoint 2003 and developed a little bit for that platform and for SharePont 2010. Recently, I’ve been helping with setting up a projects list which a project manager users to prioritize on SharePoint. A custom list was created and of course, the need to reorder an item came up. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to reorder a list through the browser. Here is a possible solution… Continue reading

Design Triage: rules to live by when there’s no time or budget!

Orange County User Experience has a great presenter lined up for July. Angel Anderson, Experience Director @ Crispin Porter + Bogusky is going to talk about topic of Battlefield Art of Design Triage: tips on how to provide solid UX design–even when there’s no time, deliver mercy killings, and help worthy projects thrive.


If you’re in the UX field and want to attend, sign up now!

Icons for Axure

As a User Experience Designer, I have been using Axure as my primary tool of choice for quick wireframing and prototyping. A lot of times, I find myself trying to find an icon for use in them and usually find one in the iconic icon set created by P.J. Onori.

It’s a great icon set but I have to keep going through the files from either Windows Explorer or Mac Finder which gets annoying at times when you’re “in the zone” in Axure – so, I put them in a widget library which means that I can now browse through them using Axure and just drag and drop in! I made a Black and Gray version (32×32) which you can grab here:

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