Orange County User Experience meeting set!

I don’t have much experience in A/B testing but from what I know, it is another good method of research in our UX tool arsenal to use. There are many services that can help run an A/B test and one of them (Optimizely) will be presenting their software at OCUX’s next meetup. If you’re in the UX field and want to join, sign up here:


CSUF – User Experience and Usability Certification Program

Just in a few weeks, the first class for Cal State Fullerton’s extension program for the User Experience and Usability Certificate will begin!

The program covers topics about research, analysis, user-centered design principles, prototyping and concepts and practices in usability testing. I have personally gone through the courses and acquired the certification last year. The teachers are great as they are active in the industry. Check out the 2012 courses at their website.


CES Over

Early on I wasn’t as excited as it just looked like it’ll be mostly about tablets again. The gadgets were pretty neat, especially the new Maker Bot. I always wanted the current one but now with new one coming out with the ability to even print with two different colors, it definitely is something I’ll consider purchasing.

On the television front, it was interesting to see OLED getting a lot of press attention finally. Probably unfortunate for Sony as they announced recently that the’ll be moving away from OLED television screens even though they were the first to come out with one commercially: Sony XEL-1.

Cnet again has lot’s of video where you can catch up on CES.

Sunday Newspaper Ads

Went though the usual motions of going through the Sunday Newspaper for coupons and seeing what’s on sale. Then I came across an office max coupon which was pretty interesting. It sure did pop out and got my attention – I like how it is also functional and interactive where potential customers use the bag in order to apply the 20% off coupon.

CX-Office Max Ad


Lamp Series V

ID-Lamp Series V


First lamp finished for the new year!

Two-pronged plug with a pull chain switch located in an easy to reach location. Accepts light bulbs via a candelabra socket. All electrical parts are UL listed and wires are connected and secured with butt-splice connectors. It definitely has unique charateristics with it’s vertical weighted pull chain switch and metal pulley. The bulb has a secured clear glass shade around it.

Height: 14.5 inches
Base: 5×5 inches

List of UX Conferences for 2012

Here’s a listing of upcoming User Experience conferences. I have been to the Adaptive Path UXWeek last year and definitely recommend it – great speakers and people from our industry in attendance.

Adaptive Path UXWeek
August 21-24
San Fransisco, CA. USA

IA Summit
March 21-25
New Orleans, LA. USA

SXSW Interactive
March 9-13
Austin, TX. USA

February 1-4
Dublin, Ireland

May 5-10
Austin, TX. USA

UPA International 21st Annual Conference
June 4-7
Henderson, Nevada

UX Speakeasy Conference
March 31
Balboa Park, San Diego

Nielsen Norman Group
Various Dates and Locations

An Event Apart
Various Dates and Locations

Am I missing any you’d like to suggest? Comment!